I have been thinking critically lately about what goes on around the societies we are living with, things that affect us directly or indirectly.

Most of us are used to only watch news on the deep touching series of children being abandoned  immediately after birth and others being left orphans with no one to care for them or at least offer them human basic needs.

This leads to tormenting of young mind with allot of potential,  leading them to dark self pity life and covering their great potential in their life.

For us to achieve the millennium development goals example

  • To eradicate extreme poverty in the society
  • To ensure that Children are well protected
  • To reduce Child mortality.

We all need to join hands together as one, and give hand of help to those who have heart to help and stay with these less fortunate kids.

Am calling upon all well wishers and organizations to help us cloth our kids and buy bed sheets for them since they are worn out. May God bless as you take the initiative to assist us.