On 30thmay2012 ,a group of woman Guild of Presbyterian churches of East Africa (P.C.E.A)(Bahati Church Nairobi) payed us a visit carrying their this years theme “THE LORD IS COMING TO DO A NEW THING” .They encouraged the kids to have good discipline and work hard academically.

In the mintime our Directors Mr and Mrs Stephen Gachengo joined the women group where we celebrated together .Bishop Stephen Gachengo who is the Director of MorningStar Children’s Home reminded each one of us that”Happy are merciful for God shall sh0w them mercy” He  also reminded us that we are commissioned to visit the windows and Orphans.

During conclusion the women shared snacks with the kids and presented what they had brought.

The Kids were so emotional as they bid them goodbye since within a very short time they had built a very strong bond.

We greatly thank the group for their merciful deed to us and may God be with them always as they work for him.