The youth camp was held in Dar es laam Tanzania, december 11th to 16th 2012.It was a blessing to our hearts and one of a were kids wrote this testimony.


“The journey to Dares alaam was  tiresome and i was almost to give up since sitting in bus tor twenty one ours was not easy,but by the grace of God we made it.

On arrival the atmosphere and the welcoming gave me a sence that this is where i should be.

I remember Pastor lenny from mauritius giving us a word from the book of Joshua 3 :5 ‘” That Joshua tried to talk to talk to people to santify and make themselves acceptable for the worship of God. and for that to happen they had to let the fresh die. for the sake of the worship of the lord.

The word  made me to look at my past lifestyle and saw that still my fresh is very alive in me and i have to let die .

The word requested us to separete ourselves from the worldly things and God will receive our sacrifices.God is looking for young people whom will present him and our body is the pride of  Christ,Its not simple for young person to serve God with all he has and the world is here to tempt but with the help of the holy spirit we will be always ready to fight against the fresh….OOOH almost to forget about the beach,what a good time we had,despite the hot weather all was well i wish we had a longer time to spend there.Last but not least i would urge youth mates that this is the time to serve God in truth and spirit its not about what you do or what you dont, God needs our heart more lets Give our life to God.”