Say Hello to our new babies

The month of June was a happy month. Each month is always extremely special in its own beautiful way. You might be wondering who our “new babies” are? The month of June saw us receiving quite the adorable family of ducks. The short and eager ducks met with the children and much to their amusement everyone was fascinated by their seemingly silly expressions. We are quite so grateful for the newest addition to our family.


Our cute ducks lazing about…

June also saw our spotted calf turning 6 months. She has grown so fast it has been a pleasure to watch. We continue to urge her growth on with lots of grass which she quite ravishly eats. She is a very talkative one and enjoys mooing her way through the day. The home farm animals are therefore growing and thriving.

Neighborly neighbours also graced the home with their presence. An encouraging time was spent as a pastor from a nearby church called Fellowship of Believers gave gracious advice on how to be delightful citizens. The pastor spoke well with emphasis and a kind heart. The children were encouraged and could not help but take a picture after the encouraging time. The Fellowship of believers also benevolently left us with some rice and much appreciated clothing.

The month of June was therefore a great month. Unfortunately with much joy sadness can also be noted. The rain has been a scarce need in Nairobi and in kamulu. This has resulted in our much laboured for and once lashious green maize turning into an undesirable yellow colour. Therefore most of the crop is coming to a painful death. Despite the maize crop fast wilting away we still dearly request for your prayers as we continue to reel the heavens to open up the flood gates.


We are very grateful for all your continued assistance be it financially or spiritually. We continue to kindly appeal that you uplift the home in your prayers and financial assistance which are always much needed and always treasured. We love you and cherish you.


Asante and God bless.