Out with 2017 in with 2018: An end of year report

Posted on November 23rd, 2017

Out with 2017 in with 2018: An end of year report.

The year 2017 is slowly drawing to an end and all we see is God’s faithfulness. We have had an eventful year with a lot of huddles and hills yet the Lord has been faithful to provide and has lightened every load.

The children.

Over the past year the children have grown in leaps and bounds. They have all been well and absolutely blessed with good health. The school year came to an end bringing about the holiday which they have all embraced joyfully. The children performed well in the end of term examinations which saw them getting different awards. Three of them are moving from the pre-primary stage to their first grade which will be an exciting but nerve wrecking step. We had two of our own sit for the end of Primary examinations in which they performed pleasantly well. The holiday has therefore brought forth games and fun with the children creating their own toy cars and playing all sorts of innovative games. They continue to grow in faith as they attend Sunday school and explore their talents.

A season of sowing.

It’s that time of the year where farming is in progress. Our fields have been cultivated and the crops have sprouted. The rains have fallen generously and therefore a bounty harvest is expected as long as the rains continue to fall. We are in the process of setting up an irrigation system to support our farming projects which will include different vegetables to support our kitchen. We would love to thank Brother Mitch for his much appreciated support in coming together of this project.Our livestock have been doing very well indeed. One of our cows is heavily expectant and should have a calf by end of January whilst the other cow is growing steadily. The duck had 10 super adorable ducklings. There is therefore life at the home with a lot of bustling activity.


The school

The school at Morning Star Children’s Home is steadily growing. The Directors have embarked on the project of building the school. The building of the permanent structure has therefore started. The children have been learning in a temporary structure made of iron sheets. However when the current project is done they shall have modern facilities in which to learn in. The project is a heft and expensive one as building is never cheap. We are therefore calling upon sponsors and donors to lend a helping hand so as to give the children an opportunity to learn in a comfortable and conducive environment. Donations are therefore very much welcome and can be sent through the details furnished below. We are therefore trusting in the Lord for the school to be up and running in no time.


Morning Star Children’s Home has been blessed with various visitors who have come throughout the year. We would love to extend our gratitude towards all those who paid the institute a visit; the donations were very much appreciated and went a long way in putting a smile on the children’s faces.





This year we had a volunteer by the name of Nyary who came through and spent time with the home and the children as a teacher and a general helper. We would love to extend our thanks to her for giving her time and helping in all the ways that she did. Morning Star is open to volunteers who would love to be a part of the children’s lives and want to be a part of Morning Stars vision which is that of giving children an experience of God’s unending love and the beauty of a loving family unit.


The staff

We are extremely grateful to the staff who have given their lives throughout the year to make sure that the well being and health of the children is good. They have been a constant support and their love is unwaveringly strong. The staffs effort and hard work in ensuring that the kids are well, strong and clean does not go unnoticed. The joy and love they bring forth to the home is infectious and one could not imagine the home without them.

The Directors

The directors have relentlessly supported the home. Morning Star Children’s Home is ever so grateful for the love and support they bestow upon the home. Despite the tough economic situation faced by the country they have given themselves up for the support of the children. They continue to support the home not only financially but spiritually and emotionally too. They are not just directors but true parents to all the children in the home. We say Asante Sana to them for all they do.


As the year draws to an end we would love to give our heartfelt thanks to Aline and Howard who were the first to plant a seed towards the school building project. To Pastor Dale and Jericho Rd Calvary church for their constant support, also to Pastor Bill and Amarillo Grace church for their aid in providing a meal on the kids table.We would also love to thank Mercy Maina and all the other sponsors and donors. Be it in cash or in kind we would love to take note of the love that you have showered unto us. It certainly does not go unnoticed. We continue to pray as an institute that the Lord would continue to bless all of you for all you do.

Sponsors and donors

Morning Star Children’s Home survives on the support of well wishers with generous hearts. We would like to call upon you all to continue to stretch out your hands to give. Due to the building of the new school which is in progress we are desperate for support and all funds no matter how little will go a long way. Next year the number of our high school students increases to ten, this is a high number as each will need school fees and uniforms. The children at Bright Morning Star are also in desperate need for school uniforms. The needs of home are plenty and room to help is plenty too. We therefore welcome new sponsors and donors and urge the current one to never grow tired of doing good for in due time the God in heaven above will surely reward!

Banking Details


Morning star children’ s home 

Co-operative bank of Kenya 

Donholm Branch

Account  no-0112809891700

Swift code KC00KENA

Bank code-11000

Branch code 11087

  1. O box 48231-00100

Nairobi- Kenya


Thank You and God bless!

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