Beautiful beginnings.

Posted on May 21st, 2018

Beautiful beginnings.

The steadfast love of the LORD never ceases; his mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning; great is thy faithfulness

Lamentations 3:22

The beginning of 2018 has been a true blessing, the Lord has been faithful as He always is. The children are back at school after a refreshing December holiday. The much welcomed rains have cascaded over Kenya. However too much of any good thing turns out to be overwhelming as the rains have flooded the whole compound. We are however still grateful and appreciative of the rains.

“Howdy to a new term!”

The New Year has brought forth with it good news. Two of our children set for their class eight exams last year, these exams mark the end of their primary school. Samuel was able to pass his exams with flying colors whilst Mary performed fairly well. This earned them both the opportunity to proceed to high school. This is great news as they get to further their education. We wish them all the best as they embark on their high school journey at boarding school. Our younger children continue to learn at Bright Morning Star and have been performingsteadily well. We continue to urge them on as they strive through the first term of the year which is slowly drawing to an end.



The school building project.

Building of the new school embarked last year in November and it continues. Each brick that sits on top of the other is a miracle and an abundant provision from the Lord. The completion of the school will bring forth much needed comfort and a better learning environment for the students. It is the heart of Stephen and Beatrice Gachengo: the directors of the home, to create a safe haven for these beautiful children to learn in. We continue to trust the Lord for donations toward the construction of these classrooms. The children have been learning in provisional iron sheet classrooms. Now more than ever do they need this permanent structure as the current rains have caused water levels to rise, causing flooding in their current temporary classrooms. However through God’s grace and your faithfulness the new building will be complete soon.


Our animal project.

The year 2018 brought forth with it a bouncy, healthy baby calf. The cow gave birth without much complication to a steady calf. That gives us a total of three cows which is very exciting. Milk has been plenty due to the birth of the calf and the lush green grass caused by the amply rain as aided the milk production. We are therefore thankful for that. The calf spends its day munching away and enjoying the company of the children. The ducklings have grown too and have become steadier and more duck-looking by the day. They still enjoy trotting around together looking for food. We are thankful for these animals. We are constantly looking for ways to utilize our space and time towards any form of animal project that can enhance our home and help us cut costs. We welcome ideas and contributions towards our livestock projects.

Our field/shamba and the rains.

We planted lots of crop in our shamba.Unfortunately the rain has been relentless in its downfall. The rains constant and heavy downfall have affected our crops terribly as they are drowning in water. Our soil is clay soil as a result drainage is poor. This has resulted in our crops getting waterlogged. However we are still hopeful that we shall be able to reap something out of what’s left of our crop if the water is less persistent.



Here at Morning Star we love visitors. There is a saying that says “the ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it”. Well we are grateful to all the “ornaments” that ever so beautifully grace us with their presence. We would love to thank Howard and Aline who came and gave of their time and lives with the kids. A whole lot of fun and games where played and a lot of special moments that cannot be erased were made. From playing and messing around with a tennis ball to just being together, we do not take for granted. They are much appreciated.

We would also love to thank the different organizations and families that came through and played games with the children and donated yummy goodies and much valuable commodities. It a marvelous treasure when people rise up in the community and are willing to be part of a greater cause. We say Asante sana to them and may the Lord continue to bless the work of their hands and hearts.



The staff

The mamas of the home are the life of the home, so is the famous guka (grandpa) who is a father figure to all. They are loved and adored. They always have a word of encouragement, admonishment and a word of love and praise to give. They are true embodiment of parents to the children and they give of themselves selflessly each day to make life absolutely normal and full for the children. We truly are indebted to them and we would love to encourage them to continue. The staff too does extend their gratitude to all the people who donate material things or in kind.



The directors

The directors of the home whom we call Dad and Mum because they are ever so dear and ever so wonderful to the children are such a blessing to the home. The home is absolutely grateful and would love thank them for their persistent efforts in keeping the home afloat. Their efforts do not go unnoticed, the children love and adore them. The directors extend their gratitude to all the individuals who are actively involved in helping the home be it financially, spiritually or emotionally.


We are so very thankful to everyone who has taken their time to pray for the home, to visit the home, to counsel the children and to be of support in anyway. We are extremely thankful. We pray that you may continue to bless the home and may you never grow weary of good. We love you and adore you.


Donations are always welcome. Be it to finance the building of the school or to help with groceries or to feed a child a month, anything that you feel to do, nothing is ever too small. Contact details and ban account details will be down below, do feel free to contact us. We truly appreciate your hearts.



Banking details

Morning star children’s home

Co-operative bank of Kenya

Donholm branch

Account no 01128098917900

Swift code KC00KENA

Bank code 11000

Branch code 11087

P.O box 48231-00100

Nairobi – Kenya

Thank you and God bless

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