On 27th August 2012. We were paid a visit by  girls from MOI FORCES ACADERMY LANET and for sure as the group calls itself GO MAKE A  DIFFERENCE,Indeed they made a difference to our kids ,considering they are all in the same age group they shared what they had brought for them together and later on they shared about the problems  and challeges they are facing as teenagers.

When i talked with some of the girls about  their group and its aim , they said to me that their aim despite their age was to bring back to the community by showing the less fortunate compassion and that someone cares for them.

They said their visit to Morning Star Children’s home is just a first step and others will follow.

Their visit to us indeed made a difference and our children had a hard time when parting time came, they were so much bound together that if there would be another option they would opt  to live with those girls,

It was wonderful to have them with us and we thank God for them as they continue with their education.