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In May 2006, we started with 15 orphans,and through the years more have come to join us. Today, we are taking care of 35 children. We would like to increase the number of children we are taking care of when we have access to more funding.

2010 breakdown of expenses

Breakdown of Expenses in 2010

In terms of school fees the cost of 1 child in

  • primary school : USD 50 per month
  • secondary school : USD 500 per month

Ways to reduce our costs

We have been able to decrease the cost of food with the development of farming on our plot of land, such as maize, spinach and others vegetables. Theses vegetables are usedsolely for the orphans.
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To boost our income, we are selling water to the local community. This brings a yearly revenue of USD 1400.
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Our accounts are audited every year by independent auditors and certified public accountants (Danson Mwangi & Associates).



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