The Year 2016 was full of inspiration, challenges and Success. Since Morning Star children’s home started in May 2006; we have continued to take care of orphans with different backgrounds and stories to tell from every part of Kenya. We have witnessed Jesus doing great miracles by transforming and changing the lives of the kids from a shuttered and hopeless future to lives full of joy and hope; all we can say “WITH GOD NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE”.

Success and Progress!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


We are able to attend school. We have worked to keep all the children in good living standards at all time and give them the confidence and self-esteem by providing support of their future which is education. The kids have progressed to shine; so far since the establishment we have 4 kids in higher learning education level (1-Jomo Kenyatta University -ruiru, 1-Ruiru University, 1 Egerton university in Njoro, 1 – Moi University in Eldoret). 2 joined the Government services (1 National youth Service (NYS) and recently 1 graduated as a prison corporal in Kamiti prison college ruiru and was posted in Meru prison).

The secondary level currently have 9 kids (4 boys in Wahundura High School, 3 girls – Ruai girls secondary, 1 girl – Moi girls secondary school, Kamangu , 1 boy-  St mary secondary school, nyeri) out of the 9 , 4 heard just recently cleared there primary education. Still in secondary, we heard 2 girls that cleared there secondary education and waiting to join different courses.

Primary Section, we have 20 kids attending Bright morning star academy; a school that was started to help the kids and the community around. Though , the school has challenges, we are still in need of building a permanent school structure for our kids. The kids still use a temporary ironed sheet class which during the hot seasons it’s boiling hot.

Finally, this year we have 1 candidate for KCSE and 2 candidates for KCPE. But in all for good education, money is needed to be able to pay school fees for all this loving kids.


 The home has ensured livestock and farming grounds is properly utilized for agricultural activities in benefit of the kids, in getting the gift of a daily supply of eggs, milk, sukuma wiki and spinach.

Closing of the 2016 year we saw the Lord blessed us with a baby calf thus more increase of milk production for the Kids.

In this sector, we still want the Lord to open doors, we can have drip irrigation and be able to grow more food and cut the food costs that are still a big challenge to us.


When it comes to children’s overall development, leisure time activities are just as important as traditional education. Children learn through play, especially at a very young age, and are still developing crucial cognitive and motor skills.

Through the heart of our well wishers, our kids have continued to enjoy structured activity like team sports, outing to kids recreational centers, tours to game parks, swimming activities and visits to many places.

We have made sure the children have plenty of opportunities to engage in leisure activities on a regular basis.